Plant Growth Regulators

We provide plant growth regulators to the customers at affordable price. These products are abundantly demanded in the agricultural or farm sector. The plant growth promoter is made with the necessary ingredients, that can easily promote the growth of plants and additionally improve the soil texture and fertility. These are completely safe for for the plants and have negligible chances to cause any side effect. plant growth regulators are extensively used these days due to the absence of nutrients in the soil in adequate manner. Our company ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of these plant regulators.
Humivi K Power +

We have brought the humivi-K power+ that is a plant growth regulator or promoter. This product is wa.....

Sagarika 2 ++ (10kg)


Sagarika 250ml

We have brought the sagarica 250ml for the customers. This product is helpful is increasing the yiel.....

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